About us

We are Carmen Ríos and Antonio Zorrilla, two young entrerpreneurs passionate about fashion who decided to create their own brand. We wanted to create warmer designs with strong personality, far from impersonal fashion. 

TALES&MILETO is a limited Edition Menswear label. Great design and quality are at the heart of the label. Our brand features impeccable tailoring, exclusive patterns, fine quality fabrics and unique accessories.

Everything is made in Spain. We're committed to SLOW FASHION promoting high quality versus fast production. Our concept is simply, fashion with integrity. Our production is limited to about 10/15 items per style. Sustainable design and well- made garment with natural fabrics. Tales&Mileto, a brand with mediterranean feelings, but international spirit.

The firm has launched its first collection Spring Summer 2016 Season, new designs taken care details with a high functionality and high quality.

The Brand has reached the international market through online sales; International market is developing strongly and sales are specially targeted at New York City where expects to be physically present through multibrand boutiques.